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16 Days in Paradise

The best of it, you don't have to care for anything. You will have 16 days pure holidays without organisation stress. The trips are adjusted that you will have the optimal time to stay at the single locations. Best timeline to see a lot and also relax if you want!

Your accommodation, transport and the most important day trips at the locations are already organized. You just have to enjoy your trips to the most beautiful locations on the Philippines. An detailed schedule you will get send after your booking or on request. You will see that all must sees will be checked on your tour and you will also have a lot of time for your own plannings.

Your break starts now...!

Do not just enjoy 16 days in paradise...

Live 16 days in paradise. We will make these days to your most loved and enjoyed days of the year.

explore | relax | live

Benefits of booking with us
  • Accommodations
  • selected, good Accommodations in budget style
  • Transport
  • with Minivans and Public Transport
  • Travel Guide
  • depends on your booking (always on your side or always reachable)
  • Airport Transfer
  • individual Airport Transfer in Manila on first and last day (Group Trip)
  • 1 Domestic Flight
  • Flight with famous Airline Roundtrip Manila - Puerto Princessa
  • Preparation File
  • with all Informations for your preparation to go to the Philippines
  • Dream Hoildays
  • from A to Z with one Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Nature Heritage

EXCLUSIVE - This is what you should organize:

Flight to/from Manila, Food on the way, Travelinsurances
If you want we also can book your flight. Just drop us a line.

Trip dates for your Trip on the Philippines
  • 22.11.2015 to 07.12.2015

  • 20.12.2015 to 04.01.2016
  • Christmas Trip
  • 31.01.2016 to 15.02.2016
  • Valentines Trip
  • 21.02.2016 to 07.03.2016

  • 20.03.2016 to 04.04.2016
  • Easter Trip
  • 01.05.2016 to 16.05.2016
  • Pentecost Trip also can book the same trip on your preferred dates (without travel guide).

Your Highlights on your Trip
Plan you exclusive Trip

You don't want to travel in a group?

You better want to stay on only one island but want to explore it more intensive and every small corner?

Your family is divided to all parts of the world and you want to reunite them in a great holiday?

Your company is looking for a special team building event?

No problem! Just sent us a mail and we will help you with planning, organizing and realization.

Couples | Friends | Families | Clubs | Companies

Incentives in paradies don't have to be expensive! Motorbike tours, private mega parties or meetings at the beach. We will adjust your trip especially on your needs.

You don't have to organize something if you don't want. Like always your trip will start at your chosen airport and also will be finished there. Without stressing organizations, without hectic rush, just like in paradise.

Just drop us an unbinding mail, what you want to do, culture, beach, action, party, team building or what ever, we will create your dream trip. And don't forget to tell us the number of participants.

Phil Trips will plan for everyone the right trip!

Book your Holidays Now
That's the Phil Trips Team

Send us an message:

Contact by mail or phone:

Phil Trips | Holidays in Paradise

Manuel Viebrantz


In Germany:

Steinäckerweg 3

34582 Borken (Hessen)


Mobile: +49 162 23 64 072

Landline: +49 56 82 70 51 60

On the Philippines:

Wescom Road / Joan Blas Street

Puerto Princesa City 5300, Palawan


Mobile: +63 9 27 47 27 674

Landline: +49 56 82 70 51 60

Frequently asked Queations (FAQ)

More informations-click the pics...

More informations-click the pics...

  • How will I find my group after arrival in Manila? When you booked a group trip to the selected dates you will be picked up at the airport from someone of our team and he will bring you in your hotel where you will meet the other participants at the dinner together.
    On your own scheduled trip you will not picked up and of course will not meet the group for dinner. Best and cheapest way is to take a taxi in the departure area of the airport.
  • How will we travel on the Philippines? Depends on the booking of our tour we will travel in minivans or or with public transport. The vehicles will be local standard and almost always fully booked. If you booked you individual dates be in time at the terminals. The busses won't wait.
    From Manila to Palawan we will fly with a famous airline.
  • Which kind of hotels are booked for us? The booked accommodations will be top located, clean and good for budget tourists. We booked backpacker hotels and pension houses for you. The rooms will be always equipped with aircondition, own shower and of course toilette. Up to availability we will book accommodation next to the beach and with swimming pool. But don't forget...It is a budget trip.
  • How many people will participate the group? The group size depends on the bookings. But the maximum size of the group will be 12 participants that the vans won't be too small. On the other side the trips with a travel guide will only be done with a minimum booking of 6 persons. But the more people are travelling the more fun we will have. Shouldn't you want to travel in a group, let us plan your own trip for you! If you book your own scheduled trip you will get a very detailed plan, that it will be also easy to travel alone or as a couple.
  • Is every day planed or will I have own leisure time? Every day will have a planned program. But it's up to you if you will participate to all events or if you want to do your own program. It will be your best days of the year. Feel free and do what you want. But the program is so varied, that it won't be boring. If you want to do special things let us know as soon as possible, that we can organize it for you.
    Everything is possible!
  • When should I book? You should book your best days of the year as soon as possible! The easier you can find very cheap flights to Manila. My cheapest booking from Germany FRA-MNL-FRA was 440€. If the maximum capacity of the group is reached, we will delete the date of this Phil Trip from the homepage. If your best date is already deleted, please let us know, which your favorite date is. Maybe we can arrange an additional Trip for you and others.
  • What is the difference between the trips? The differences are only the comfort of the hotels and the transport vehicles. The more expensive trip is supposed for sophisticated travellers, because we booked for this trip very good hotels and travel in private vans.
    The budget trip is supposed for budget or backpacker tourists for small money but same experience. The hotels are budget and backpacker hotels and we will use the local shuttle service and transport.
  • What should I organize before my Trip will start? When you booked the Phil Trip of your choice, the most important will be to book a flight next. Please be sure that you will arrive on the right day in Manila. There is almost every time one day difference between departure and arrival.
    All other informations you will need for your Phil Trip, you will get with the travel preparation file, we will sent you by email after your booking. There you will find all important information from A to Z. If you still have some questions just drop us a mail or call us.
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Rice Terraces Batad

There is a reason why the rice terraces of Batad were on the lists of the new world wonders. For over 2000 years the Ifugao tribe was building these awesome structure only with simple appliances.
Until today the main business of the Ifugao is the rice production and they are the main suppliers for rice in the whole Philippines.

Fascinating Views

Wether there are wonderful sunsets or breathtaking views from huge cliffs on remote beach villages. At almost every location which you will visit, you can take postcard selfies. But sometimes you will tell your friends more about the adventurous way than about the spot itself. For sure it will blow your memories.

Adrenalin Track

The voice of a travel magazine: "Climb up a Mountain - Slide down an Hill". This event on your tour is pure adventure. When you climbed up the mountain the 800m down slide is waiting for you. Escaped of the jungle you will fly over the sea until you will be received at the Zipline main station from the Team in a small beautiful bay. Pure Adrenalin not only with this event, at all stopovers of your Phil Trip you can do crazy things...

Island Hopping

The paradise in paradise you will discover at your Island Hopping day trip. In the early morning the group will ascend the pump boat - from one lonely paradise beach to the next. Visit lagunes with turquoise water before the local tour guides will serve you lunch at a small bay. Enjoy fresh, barbecued fish and other seafood prepared with other local delicate food. Swimming, snorkeling, relaxing...

New Wonder of the World

The Underground River in Sabang, Palawan is officially rated as one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World". The entrance you will find at a small hidden bay. Starting there you will be guided in a small boat inside the the underground of the rocks.
The underground river is one of the most protected objects on the Philippines and stretches over 8.2 km inside of the rocks. Just stunning!

A lot of Fun at the Beach

To recover and finding new strength for your next trip events, we planned a few days at awesome beaches. Relaxing at the beach has nothing to do with you? The Phil-Trips Team is carrying always a lot of beach games...Slack line, skim board, badminton, volleyball, snorkeling. No need for you to stay with the group at the beach. But if you want to you will not get bored! It's more fun in the Philippines.

City Tour in Puerto Princesa

After arrival in Puerto Princesa we will start our City Tour, on which you will learn more about the capital of Palawan and my new home town. For the tour we will drive with our own van just to prevent of stressful hop-on hop-off tours. We will stop as long as you want.
The stops on our schedule are Baywalk, Baker's Hill, Crocodil Farm, Mitra Ranch and open prison Iwahig.

Party with the Band

One night we will have a party night at Puerto Princesas biggest and most famous RestoBar. Beside the yummy food you can enjoy the daily live music and on weekends the fire dance shows. Late at night they will transform the stage to a dance floor and the party starts with the band. For those who don't want to party and dance can just enjoy the food and drinks at the bar.

Culture in Manila

Manila is not only a mega city with 15 mio. residents, no, it's also a city with a lot of cultural history. The influences of the spanish and american colonial times you can find everywhere in Manila. On the day after your arrival on the Philippines we will explore a part of Manila in a special way. Our tour will bring you to "Intra Muros", through the Rizal Park to Baywalk, where we will let the evening gently fade away.

Just send us your preferred date in the booking form Promotion Code / Own Schedule and you will travel when you want!

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El Nido

Puerto Princesa


Your Benefits booking with Phil Trips
Roundtrip for small Money!
Individual Holidays on the Philippines
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About Phil Trips

By traveling a lot on the Philippines I lost my heart at and on the Philippines. Because of this I let my dream come true and want to help with Phil Trips a lot of new and old friends to explore the Philippines by their own in a easy and safe way.

Most time of the year I'm staying and traveling on the Philippines now. Always searching for hidden beaches and adventures, which I can share with you and plan new exclusive trips for you.

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